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Creativity: Mini class

Hello my dear friends! It has been a while since my last post. Tell me how you all are please! I hope you all are doing fine and are in good health!

I have been good… good health and work, thank God! I have gotten few very cool news which I will share once product goes to market.

One thing that has not been so good is my creativity levels. I usually am very active when it comes to creating new work, but lately it’s been slow.

I decided to do something, anything! in order to boost my creativity and get me started. I turned to the old classes mix media classes I have taken and “just” followed instructions. This helps because I don’t have to think of what next step I need to follow, I can concentrate in “just” creating… creating for the love of it.

The result… Very surprised that after maybe 2 days my head was exploding with ideas of projects I can/will develop, new designs I will create.

I have heard in the past that doing something art related - something creative, can get you unstuck and get the ball rolling! I was blessed to prove this. One of the things I did was to sit down and think of a new class, a mini class for you.

What you will be doing in this mini class is create a one, two and three -single stem- flower held by someone. I will give you tips on how to come up with different flowers (imaginary) inspired by a real flower and leaf. I have included photos in your pdf so you can use as inspiration.

You will get a pdf with 3 free templetes (like seen in this photo) where you will draw your flowers and leaves. Finally, you will get a video where you will see me draw on these templetes. The tips you hear I will use, you can use to create the same flower, and you can use on a photo you have taken from your favorite flower!

When you finish your drawings, you can ink them, color them… you’re the boss!

I will show you what I did with mine.

Happy creating!

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