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My love for flowers...

… so…. we are packing and getting to move from a house to an apartment. I personally think it is a GREAT thing because an apartment is easier to keep up with…. Also, I will be moving my home studio to a room a friend of mine will be renting out for me so I can work away from home. This will help me get organized and have a better work schedule!

In any case, this is a small post this time as packing is driving me crazy and need to make it happen fast (moving my studio at least)…. so…. checking all the things I have I came across some photos my father took of me. In many I am down on my knees looking into the grass for flowers and smelling them… I am sure this has to do with my love for flowers as a grown up!

I share with you my very favorite of all times! It is my beloved sister and I, pausing, smelling flowers on a sunny day when we lived in Shreveport… A good reminder, I think, to take time for yourself, slow down, and enjoy the small things in life!

Photo taken by my late father, Neonato Pediatrician and talented musician & photographer!

He would’ve been 77th this past Thursday, March 25. © Carlos Escobar Colocho

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