Updated: Apr 23

“El Chelito” with “E1” & “E2"… Such good memories!

This past week was a very hard week. The day we where supposed to launch my live drawing sessions, my close knit group of friends (my extended family) received the sad news that one member had passed away, Juan Antonio “el Chelito” like we used to call him, husband to my BELOVED childhood friend, María Isabel (she taught me how to drive at 17!). Almost 2 weeks later and this still feels raw. I cannot imagine how she and her beautiful daughter feel… I truly pray for them every day! A word to describe all this could be surreal. “El Chelito”, was a special kind of soul, a good hearted working man, loving & supportive husband, an amazing father and a dear FUN friend! After hearing the news of his passing it was impossible for me to concentrate and do the live, but my students where all very understanding and where ok with me postponing it a few days… bless you guys! Thanks!