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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

“El Chelito” with “E1” & “E2"… Such good memories!

This past week was a very hard week. The day we where supposed to launch my live drawing sessions, my close knit group of friends (my extended family) received the sad news that one member had passed away, Juan Antonio “el Chelito” like we used to call him, husband to my BELOVED childhood friend, María Isabel (she taught me how to drive at 17!). Almost 2 weeks later and this still feels raw. I cannot imagine how she and her beautiful daughter feel… I truly pray for them every day! A word to describe all this could be surreal. “El Chelito”, was a special kind of soul, a good hearted working man, loving & supportive husband, an amazing father and a dear FUN friend! After hearing the news of his passing it was impossible for me to concentrate and do the live, but my students where all very understanding and where ok with me postponing it a few days… bless you guys! Thanks!

Signs from heaven… When we started talking about him, this happened!

Chelito’s sudden passing has taught us all how precious life is. How important it is to cherish those close to our hearts. To be a good human being to everybody that crosses your path, to work hard and do kind things for others in a quiet matter. A few days after he set flight to heaven, his wife found out of many good deeds he did for others in need. Helping strangers, being a good supportive boss, helping with scholarships for youths. I am sure she will keep hearing of many more!

We will keep you close to our hearts always Chelito! Be sure we will take care of your girls!! You will be greatly missed

So… My agent asked me how was it that I was dealing with my friend’s passing and being able to keep designing - after 2 days of staying still and absorbing what had happened - and then doing my live drawing session a few days later. My response - Literally, my work is my therapy! Specially drawing florals and this process of mine.

Behind the scenes…my little messy table, yikes!

I was very nervous going into the live. This was my first time doing this! I had said to my coworkers the live drawing session was going to be a 20 minute video where I would go through the steps I follow in my first workbook along with my students. What started as a thought of a 20 minute session, 30 tops, ended up being a video of 1 hour and 30 minutes haha! which I actually LOVED! I firmly believe this was Chelito’s doing as during an exhibition of my work here in the city… I remember him standing in the middle of the room, looking around eyes wide open. He later came to me and told me “I actually thought you didn’t work” haha!

With our hour and a half live, I didn’t feel time pass! I was (AM!) happy I was able to explain in detail my process and have my students see me develop 5 different flowers from my first drawing (done live too) of a photo of a flower I took that’s in this first workbook. Also was able to explain how to come up with baby buds, off center flower looks, and other tips… I was OVER THE MOON to read comments of students liking my process… So happy!

Some of the drawings I did live…

I had questions I was able to answer and encouraged my students to post more questions once I saved the live session in our private facebook page so I could answer later. The cool thing about this is, my students can watch it again and at their own pace, go through the video & process and create their own imaginary flowers with no pressure. Even cooler, new students can still join and watch the lives that have been recorded and saved in our private Facebook page, ask questions, and get the whole experience.

Cannot wait to see what my students create and am looking forward my next live in a few weeks! I’m getting ready for another long live session {LOVE} ❤️

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