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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Many of you have asked me what materials do I use. The list can be long because with time, taking online classes, has helped test, discover and narrow down what I use to my top favorite materials. Today I will talk about my favorite tools when sketching since we have our Emma Goes Gardening Bundle class live - and is my very first class. But will include some other of my top tools I use for other work. I am old school and believe in sketching by hand. In reality any paper, pencil (and sharpener if you use a conventional pencil) and eraser will do; but for me, since I sketch in a small scale, my tools are the following:


Moleskine notebooks are ideal because, well first, I thing they are pretty and that make me somehow, treasure them, hence I do not tear any page out. I am very picky and I carry them in a Chic Sparrow notebook journal where I keep 4 “active” sketchbooks. I have also done some of my own sketchbooks that fit my Chic Sparrow journals with graph paper as well as with isometric paper, which is the one I use in my online class.


I used to use 0.7mm and 0.5mm mechanical pencils. I still have them but rarely use them. Nowadays I and stuck with my 2 0.3mm mechanical pencils. One is a 0.3mm Uniball Mechanical pencil which is light to the hand and affordable. The other one is my baby boy, Rotring 0.3mm - a bit pricier but have to the hand which I love!

For mark making and larger scale sketches I use Blackwig Palomino pencils. They are soft and have a cool bit eraser on its top. Erasers I use any brand that has a fine tip. As long as it is soft, I am happy.


I use Micron pens of different tips. I LOVE these because once what you’ve drawn is dry, you can apply wet media and the line will not bleed For mix media I turn to Staedtler fine point pens. I love these because they are somewhat watersoluble and its effects are awesome!


For watercolor my all time favorite is one that used to be sold at our local art supply store which is a thinner than usual ARCHES hot press paper, but they ran out and I have not been able to find it online - buhu! My pick now is, curiously, cold press ARCHES paper. I have tried many brands and this one is the one that makes me happier with the final results. For some reason I feel colors tend to be brighter on its surface.


I have, and use my Winsor & Newton artist grade watercolor, but these, Schmincke Horadam Aquarell are my go to 99.9% of the time! Super rich! And yes, they are pricey, as well as the W&N, but I have had them for years and they are still going. They go a very long way!

Any will do…


For fine work I use spotters I found online via Rosemary & Co. For my large paintings I use all sorts of brushes since my style is very expressive. And paints, I have some that are artist grade, but mostly I use the intermediate for all the larger pieces and go in with the artist grades for when I am finishing up.

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