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Trinidad Gonzalez

Emma's classes are therapy for the soul! The best thing that happened to me in this pandemic is discovering their courses. Thank you for your generosity giving us your knowledge and all your experience!

Wilber Salguero

These Classes are just AMAZING! I took the class bundle because I wanted to expand my knowledge in botanical illustration and what I received was an open door to Emma's exceptional process/universe, explained step by step which I think is really helpful, well created and curated. And can we talk about the live sessions?  I think they're a  game changer because It feels more personal and you can solve your questions while practicing. So If want to prove yourself your creativity is boundless It doesn't matter your level, I highly recomend these classes.

carla ehland

Through following simple directions its amazing to discover hidden talents. As a doctor in medicine, these classes are awakening and cultivating my creative side. I cherish the timeless experience of watching Emma draw and encourage us to find our own style. Thank you so much!

White Sheet

Have you been feeling extra "stuck" in your creative process? 

Creative block is a real thing! Especially when you are in a lot of stress and when due dates are coming.

Try to remember:

  • If you feel "stuck"...It's long as you keep drawing.

  • Trying hard to move forward is part of getting this creative block over. Learn to follow your gut and keep moving towards your passion.

  • YOU are NOT alone. If you ever feel lost...battle your way through finding what you love.

  • Remember to be GENEROUS with yourself.

  • Let go of perfection! It's funny because when I teach, I always say " You are doing great! It doesn't have to be perfect!" I need to listen to myself! 

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White Sheet



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